Critical hit table

If you roll a natural 20 on an attack, roll an additional d12 and consult the table below. Burst and blast attacks do not roll on critical tables.

1-3: That’s enough luck for you!
No further effects, but hey, max damage!

4: Surging Power
You gain d6 healing surges which last until you take your next extended rest. This can take you above your starting number of surges.

5: Energising Strike
You regain HP equal to half your healing surge value (rounded down). You may then spend a healing surge and gain THP equal to your healing surge value.

6: Double the Pleasure
Double the amount of critical dice rolled for this attack (i.e. dice from high crit weapons, magic item critical dice, dices from feats, etc.)

7: Lucky number seven
Gain 7 inspiration dice (a d6 that can be added to any d20 roll). These last until your next extended rest.

8: Spliced attack
Chose a basic or at-will attack power that you have and add its damage and effects to this attack. This attack automatically hits. Roll for damage as normal.

9: You want some more?
Regain the use of the power used for this attack. If this result is triggered by an at-will power, regain the use of an expended encounter power (attack or utility) instead.

10: That’s going to leave a mark!
Consult the following table as to the effect. If an attack falls under multiple options, the player may chose one of those to apply.
Slashing damage (axe, blade, saw, etc.): target takes an additional 10/tier ongoing bleeding damage (save ends).
Bludgeoning damage (club, hammer, fist, etc.): the target is stunned (save ends). Aftereffect: the target is dazed (save ends). The target cannot make a save throw for either effect the first round they are affected by it.
Piercing damage (arrow, spear, pick, etc.): the target takes a -1 penalty to all defences and saving throws until the end of the encounter. This effect can be stacked multiple times.
Spell damage (arcane, divine, primal, etc.): the target makes all rolls with disadvantage until the end of its next turn.

11: Work the body
Maximise the results of all crit dice for this attack.

12: Luck of the Gods
Gain the use of an additional standard action until the start of your next turn. This standard action can be taken on another character’s turn, on a turn when you have spent an action point, and even if the turn would normally otherwise end (e.g. it can be used after a charge).

Critical hit table

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